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If you watch the first video it was ok, I am getting over being camera shy and my editing skills are getting better. I am still learning. The two alien heads on the pillars are what I sculpted. I am processing finishing up the videos and I will go back to working on my book. Also working on future game products and thank you for visiting my web page.



I have put out my first remake video in my updated video studio. Its about me and next videos will be about the game. Thank you for your patience.

  1. video is about me
  2. the theme of the game(why use that for my game)
  3. something about the game
  4. The Different Expansions Offered 11-2-15
  5. What do you get in the Box?
  6. What do you get in the Box-Gag Reel.
  7. More About the Company, its mission and its future
  8. About the different species in the game and how they fight with their ships.
  9. Future Gaming Maybe Coming Out?
  10. How to glue your game  map to foam board.

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