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Wsalem Weapons Bureau

         (Wsalem-West Salem          Weapons-Truth about helping and the need others have     Bureau-Office or Department which is the passion of Ray’s heart to help others)

I Have a lot of videos just on trafficking because I think people really do not understand it or dangers it poses to them until it is too late. We all can become victims of trafficking in one way or another.   I also would like say all those who contribute to trafficking I hope you are found and some brother or father of a victim administer justice to you for your evil, not the court.  The courts are too soft on this evil crime.

Trafficking is the holocaust of this century and involves destroying a future generation that we need to look after us when we get up in years. We have to protect our children and punish those who abuse our children to full max of the law. We one day will trust a generation that we allowed to be screwed up from abusive behavior from our generation. Do you think that abused generation might want to get even when we did very little to protect them from harm. When we need to rely on the younger generation to look after us in the future,  that generation might start their version of holocaust and we might be its victims due to lack of concern for our children.  Think about that and act now!! Tomorrow might be too late.  Please be proactive and not inactive.  This site is not just about selling one of the best board games with new and  fresh ideas, but to raise awareness to human condition around us. Maybe each one of us can do something. If anyone does nothing that person or persons are part of the problem.  Thank you for reading my web page, do some thing for the right cause for the right reason  and take care.

Ray Sanner

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Child trafficking in America

1)  Child Sex Trafficking in America            2)  CNN Child Sex Slaves in America


Human Trafficking in America and Canada – How are girls placed in trafficking

1)  For The Record: Human Trafficking in United States     2) Inside the Lives of American Sex Slave

3)  Human Trafficking in the United States        4) America’s Child Sex Trafficking Report Card


True Life Stories of Trafficking

1) Former human trafficking victim speaks out  

2) Human Trafficking & Forced Prostitution – A Survivor’s Story   

3) One woman’s story of the horrors of human trafficking


Sex Trafficking around the world:

1) Natalia’s Story  

2) Real Stories of Human Trafficking        3) Marie’s Story

4) Child Trafficking in California

How to protect your children and yourself from being trafficked.

1) Confronting Commercial Exploitation and Trafficking  

2) Jada Pinkett Smith talks candidly about sex trafficking

3)  Protecting your kids, Stop Human Trafficking!!

4)  Abducted Girl, an American Sex Slave 

5)  Sex Trafficking in America: How You Can Protect Your Children 

6)  Stop Sex Trafficking Where it Starts  7)  Sex Trafficking in America: Are Your Children at Risk 

8) Warning For Parents About The Sex Trade 

9) The A21 Campaign-Because This is Not OK!!


Mental Health

Nami Mental Health  Organization

1) NAMI mental health stigma     2)  NAMI Family to Family Tribute Video

3) NAMI Hearts and Minds Intitiative     4) NAMI: Building Better Lives

5) Mental  Health  Awareness

Personal Stories

1)    Its time to take action  2)  Gareth’s Story

3) Halle Berry and NAMI   

4)   Jennifer’s Story   5)  Colleen’s Story

6) My Life with Mental Illness7)  Update on My Life with Mental Illness


Leap Mental Health Organization

1)  Dr. Amador Being Interview by NAMI’s Katrina Gay  2)  LEAP Intro 2013


Women’s Shelters

1) YMCA: One of the Largest Providers of Domestic Violence Services  

2) Deborah Speaks About YMCA Housing for Homeless & More

4)  Women of Achievement Academy at YMCA Family Center

5)  Dealing with domestic violence            6) Volunteers- Dinner at Hosts at YWMA Family Center


Feeding America

1)  Feeding America: Feeding Hope         2) Feeding America Real Story Dan and Tammy

3)   Feeding America Real Stories: Jeff and Family     4)  Feeding America Real Hunger Stories: Alison

5) Feeding America: Hunger Free Families 

6) Feeding America Real Story: Kat’s Backpack Program Success


Anti Bullying Videos


1) Do betray a best friend

2) Make a Stand

3) Kill the silence

4) Anti Bullying video for young kids

5) Different way deal with a bully

Number 6 video I am interested in Mormon religion, but I liked how the video was presented and message.

6) Spiritual Way seeing Bullying and to deal with it

7)Bullied to death its worst effects

8) Bullied to suicide

9) Bullied to suicide another

Prevent teenage suicide

1) stop teen suicide

2) teen suicide and results

3) teen suicide and impact of his death to other teens

4)I am not ok-teen suicide prevention and awareness

Song for those who needed it.

5) No one cares suicide

6)Rascal Flatts “Why” – Suicide Prevention, Awareness, and Hope

7)Drew Carrey talks about suicide prevention

Eating Disorders- Ladies young or old be healthy and don not believe what the media has to say about beauty. A woman with curves is nice as long she is not medically termed extreme obese. Some women a have little muffin top that okay, that means you are healthy. I have a gut not that large one and I am considered by most out of shape. But I can out work and out play men half my age. I like food, but I do not abuse it for diabetes is a problem with my family. I eat healthy, but I do eat some unhealthy foods from time to time, not just a habit. Take care and love your body and stay healthy. Please stay away from those stupid modeling magazines and those magazines have the most unhealthy looking women. Just remember this if you are the most beautiful woman in the world and your heart is dark, mean and ugly, that means you are ugly.  So be loving and kind , then that will bring out your true beauty. Take care be friend to someone who needs love and be truly beautiful.

0) Don’t trust media for your body image there is only one of you

1) Be who you are, there is only you and forget the models look.

2) Do hurt your body if you got curves keep them, very skinny look no healthy

3) Stay health ignore the world’s view of beauty be you only one you.

4) Media distorted view of beauty

5) Barbie look is wrong, not healthy

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