Part of the profits will go to help surrounding communities. Thank you for buying the game and being fellow partner in making a better science fiction universe


This is not a real weapons site, it is a board game company for those are misunderstand the name of the company and those are in government. Or is it just a game company, only kidding, maybe. Have fun buy a game and support my local community and it is all printed in United States of America. I only sell my game and no other game systems.  Thank you


stop human trafficking and be the solution, not the problem.

Also check out new videos in videos of concern for teenagers and new links for teens. Take care Remember its not just about the game, but its also about gamers being support for other gamers in life’s difficult times. 

 Changes to this web site and new expansions and module game for sale now. Species of Man is on the move.
 The first Edition Game will never longer be available  and Second Edition will be sold only and the price is $50.00 with free shipping in 48 states only. Outside the 48 states, I  would need  a check when it clears the bank and cost of the shipping has to be included. Send me email with your address and I will email you back with total cost with the shipping cost. Overseas shipping is very expensive and I can not ship free outside 48 states. Take care
Also working on app for Android phones.
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