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Only contact me about the game or sales of the game. Any advertisements for other products or request for donations you will get no answer from me at this time. If you do contact me in person and its not about buying the game, I reserve the right to hang up on you. I am sorry  but everybody is calling for me to buy their product or give them money. I am only interested in sales of the game and what would increase sales of this game. I am not interested loans or anything but improving this site and the game. Thank you



mailing address

Wsalem Weapons Bureau

P.O Box  98

West Salem, Ohio 44287

phone 419 853-2027

The reason for PO Box not a direct mailing address I live out in countryside and the mail service want me to move my mailbox across the road. It is 55mph out front of my house. My mailbox if moved across the road which is limit sight, this means traffic in one direction has only fifty feet or 16 meters for those in from other countries to brake if I slip on the ice and fall. Then traffic coming the other way is a  sharp curve is about the same distance, which cars in the past have missed the curve in up on my front lawn. I had a good friend killed by traffic years ago by crossing the road in the winter and slipped on the ice then was struck by a truck. Not me I use PO Box for safety reason. Also It is more secured and nobody can just go in my mail box.  My house is where my company is located. I am on five acres and my house is huge. If I need more storage I can build two to three acre warehouse. I only need to store original game and all expansions or modules games are print on demand. My printers can print any module or expansion in five minutes and it takes five minutes to assemble the expansion or module game and box it.  I want to keep cost down so I give to help charities, keep the game at a lower cost and cut down on overhead.

Leave a message and I will get back with you as soon as possible. I am currently working a full time job. This company is not really what employs me at this time.  This company is made to help others that are unemployed or organizations I care for. If you wish to leave me a phone number, please do not say your phone number as fast as you can. Please say it slowly so I can write it down without having replay my answering machine several times or just leave a email. I will contact you as soon as possible. This is a growing company, for we all started from almost nothing into a growing and thriving company. Now it is my turn to grow and thrive. My goal is to put out the best board game on the market and the best price.   Thank you for your patience and take care.

If you call and you get nasty machine noise, that means I picked up my phone when the machine was trying to record it. Please call back and I will pick up right away before the third ring. I keep that answer machine because it can hold a lot of messages with out running out of memory.   Thank you for your patience. Take care