Art Gallery

This will take time all images are copy righted    I am not into super details yet because of the time. I have no partner at this time and would like to have someone who is good at artwork. For time being as the game progresses the artwork will get better. Most artwork I only have two to three hours to make a picture for a scene. It sucks as I get my time I will go back to previous artwork add more detail. I am trying to recreate some of my past mistake into something better. If gamers wish submit artwork that I can use let me know and maybe we can work something out.  The new artwork do over on some ships are due to suggestions of gamers who bought that are kind see potential that this game has to be very cool and great game. These individuals contact me and some discuss it over pizza my treat. Once I done with all the rules and just work on artwork it will be far better. The card and dice version is mainly artwork. So be kind and patient with and it will be better. I currently work full time job, single witch means I clean, cook and maintain the house I live in. The game has to take back seat to that, sorry that is life. Take care and will be posting some artwork soon. I am currently working on advance rules expansion, steam punk game and personal combat module. Yeah