The Game


Concept and Story of the Game

The basic concept of this game is to have fun blowing up your friends as they try to reduce you to space dust and steaming hunks of goo with some manner of tactics and strategy to win. There are many versions of the game from complex, to very simple version of the game. These different versions of the game are an attempt to have a game for every type of player.

Now, back to the game, the game is set in the 82nd millennium or year 82,600 AD, in parallel universe. The history of the earth is much different. Earth is not called earth, but Terra (the Old World name for earth). The kings and queens or royal family lines evolve into corporate minded governments. The power is not really based on wealth on Terra, for wealth was based on people, how many people each corporation has under its control. Eventually the corporate minded governments were merely called corporations, for rulers of corporations had no longer a desire though to be part of any government.

Over many years most of the population was willing to give up their freedom for safety from difference dangers such as war, terrorism and everyday needs to live. As time went on the people stop questioning the corporations for life had seem to be safe and their needs were meet. Mankind traveled into outer space among the stars and began to explore the different planets. Some planets were not profitable and corporations withdrew their support to many planets that needed to be terraformed from time to time to maintain normal human life on those planets. For those corporations did not have to answer for their actions to no ruling government but to themselves. Humans never found any other intelligent life forms except for other humans colonized from Terra in space, during the early years of exploration. Humans push deeper in outer space. Humans are far from exploring the entire universe for many things remain a mystery.

As those colonies on those planets were no longer able to maintain the planet environment to sustain normal human life, the planet began to revert to it former state. The planets never fully return to its former state because of all the terraforming had impact on the planet surface. Over period of time the populations of those colonies began to adapt and devolve into different life forms. Many mutated humans begin to have a deep anger and hatred for Terra grew. One day many on those planets begin to rebuild into large societies and begin a space program and built starships, which become warships and attack anything, which was Terran Corporation controlled.  Humans are never are at peace with themselves, because it is not human nature. What do you expect huge sun dragons or outer space killer robots that trying to destroy last biological life forms?

There are heroes and villains depending on the point of view. You will be a captain or even admiral in charge of a fleet of ships. To save or destroy worlds and the best part you do not have to be a real causality of war. In real life, war is an ugly thing and that is a fact.


Game play and Mechanics of Species of Man the Game

The Species of Man the Game, the game system depends on several foundational ideas, which allows the game to work with a sense of order and with sense of realism this tactical space combat simulation game. The game may seem complicated for some, however this is tactical space combat game and does require a little brainpower. There are different versions of the game whichs allows simpler game play for some players who wish to play a tactical space combat game that is laid back more and more casual in playing.

First foundational idea is the game is continous movement there are 60 movement segments per turn, which means each one-movement segement takes one second in time. Turns are a reference of time such as sixty seconds or 1 minute. In second edition and different expansions the 40 (1 ½ sec) movement segments in original first edition game was expanded to sixty or 1 second per movement segement. This allowed more ship movement and faster game play. Weapons fire and certain actions require a certain of time such weapons which is referred as weapons fire cycle. The weapons firing cycle in the game is more realistic how real weapon would work in real time.  When any weapon is fired then it may needed time cools down if that part of the process, recharges and is ready ready to fire again. The firing cycle in my game is more realistic compare to fire and wait until next turn to fire your weapons again in other game systems. I was tired of fake time in some games, wait to the end of the turn, or have to wait so much into the next turn to do something else. I like the idea of continuous motion, which is closer to real life. The idea is what you can do in minute real life, and then you can do in the game. This adds realism, some planning and excitement to the game.

Second foundation idea, it is assumed that any or all starships produce huge amounts of energy. With all that energy that these ships can produce, a large amount of energy is required just to move the starship through space. Since these starships are warships there should be enough energy to bring on line most of its weapons systems, the main defensive system, which is Quantum Space Distortion Field, and some different expansions do not offer this option but have something equivalent to it. These equivalent systems would be powered armor and plasma shields in Quick-Kill Series, which is simpler version of the original game. Powered armor is used in Next-Realm, which is least complex version of the original game to play. Some ships systems that could be used to aid the ship to win a battle cannot be powered up due to lack of enough energy to do so. Weapons, movement and defensive systems take up almost or all available energy on most starships. If other ship systems are needed then something has to be sacrifice. All this information is recorded play sheets for the game. Each play sheet has ship class and Species type.  Sometimes not all energy or power is needed, this is when some power sources can be placed in standby mode and some ship systems can use batteries. Not all ship systems can use battery power.

The third foundational idea is each ship has a Ship System Status Sheet or play sheets displays the different ship systems. Each species’ class of ships in the second edition game has its own individualized SSSS (4S) play sheets and most expansions provides different versions each species’ with each ship classes. In the future, there will be ship variants, however for now all ships are variant class A or standard ship class. These play sheets consist of lines verses boxes that allow easier recording damage and repairs. Lines used on the play sheets resemble this example: living quarters 15__________ or cargo hold 20__________for all the ship’s structure and systems are presented in this manner to allow player to able have easy way of keeping record of ship systems. Play sheets are designed in this manner to keep track what is loss during combat, repaired or some lines refer to power and how much is used for what purposes. This general layout of any ship, along with general reference information for that ship (tracks to check off use for weapons in limited supply like missiles, shuttles, fighters and probes. Also weapons firing arcs, how many types of weapon systems and miscellaneous ship data). This play sheet structure should make playing the game much easier.

Fourth foundational idea this game differs from many other tactical space combat games that each ship or unit is represented uniquely different with each expansion or module. The original game or second edition game the ships and units are some what complex with variety of weapons and systems that would support or allow the ship to perform functions that would be needed. In combat, just exploring and even patrol missions’ scenarios, which allows the game to become more than a science-fiction experience, it allows the player to experience what if could it happen this way. This game is trying to add a sense of realism in fantasy space combat game. Then for some players they want a game that is easier to play with out all complexity then there are version of the game to allow players to play the game with least amount of thought. The original game, which is now the second edition, is the more complex to Next-Realm, which is the least complex version of the original game. Read the section that descripes more about the technolgy used in this parallel universe of Species of Man the Game.

Fifth foundational idea, the game system is demanding of the players in terms of what it might be called “situational awareness”, particularly in directionality and proximity where their ship or fleet are and the enemy trying find weak area to do maximum amount of damage to your ship or fleet. Every ship/unit must maintain a definite “facing” (heading on the game map’s hexagonal grid) which can only be changed sixty degrees or less at a time under strict rules (turn modes and the different types of movement). Adding more to complexity is the fact that the outer hull is not enough to protect the ship from impending destruction from any natural sources in space or weapons fire from enemy ships or units. So a defensive shielding is called Quantum Space Distortion Field in the orginal game and some expansions, which is even simplified more in Quick-Kill expansion series. This idea of defensive shielding reduced even more of simplier form as powered armor of starships are spread around their six hex sides. Furthermore, all weapons (except missiles when launched) have a prescribed arc of fire and each type of weapon (except the missiles or long range torpedoes) has its own peculiar “bands” of effectiveness within which its hit probabilities and damage ratings vary. All ships and units are represented by counters and miniatures will be designed and for sale in the future sometime.

Sixth foundational idea, The interplay between directional limitations for ship maneuvering, shield protection, and weapons fire makes for a practically infinite number of tactical situtions from which the ship captains can decide. When more advanced decision options are added to the basic game system (for example, mid-turn speed changes and standby power or battery power for certain systems that can aid a player in tipping the combat in their favor the gaming situation can become very intricate. Environmental factors like asteroid fields, planetary atmospheres and nubleas. There are no minefields for explosive mines would generate enough damage in hex to harm ships in adject hex or in same hex. Each hex is 1,000 miles across and most nuclear blast would only cover twenty miles maximum. The cost for unrealistic and mine that big is too costly. Finally, multi-starship scenarios (and also those involving different situations with space terrain or encounters with different enemy ship or fleet combat can add to a complex gaming experience to suit the interest of the most sophisticated wargamer. The game uses weapons far less in range compare to other game systems, this line of reasoning is two fold. The first you ever movies most starships are on almost on top of each other. Second reason this close combat gives almost adrenaline rush similar to video games. This is a different type of a board game. Take care and thanks for buying the game.

The first species (you have guessed it) is the Terrans. The Terran ships are more powerful in strength in numbers are far from being the most powerful ships when it comes to single ship versus single ship.  Terrans believe in economics and are one of the biggest empires.  If you use Terran ships, you can buy better equipment or buy smaller ships to help you in battle compared to other species that have a few and expensive ships.  The Terrans have good short and long-range weapons.  The Terrans have experimented with advanced AI systems as fighter pilots.

Human Species of the Known Galaxy

Terra (Earth) Terran Acquisition Consortium What can I say they are human? Humans were genetically enhanced to protect against many diseases. Also, lengthen the human life span about to 200 years.   The aging process involving the decline in physical and mental performance was not noticeable for most until 150th year. Only a few humans make it to 200 years, most die between 160 to 185 years of age. Most Humans were cloned for use in the military. Terra developed into Corporate like governments. Corporations are the government and democracy does not exist.

Human society was divided into two classes. The Elite or some call those elite members, the untouchables that they are above the rest of humanity. Those members can do anything they wish for they are the rulers and the law of the land. For many rulers gain their power through the ages through marriages and conquest of other corporations. There are no lawful governments; only corporations exist to govern the populations.

These Corporations were once something that resembled monarch governments then as industrial age began the need for cheap labor over time the monarch forms of government evolved into corporations. For the rulers realize the people must have some major dependency on the elite or the average person would want freedom to rule their lives. Therefore, these corporations waged war and the population felt a stronger need to be protected. Over the years, the populations’ give up their rights to freedom in exchange for security and have their basic needs met.

Daalgaumei Military Alliance

The second species of man is a werewolf looking humanoid. Daalgaumei are humans that were genetic spliced with animal DNA. The Daalgaumei are a lot more intelligent than the corporations wanted and this was the downfall of holding the Daalgaumei as slaves and forcing them to work or perform task that were needed. When the Daalgaumei had gained, possess the ability to breed without help from medical labs. This gives the Daalgaumei a chance to build their society and they rebelled. Daalgaumei grabbed starships and left the planet after having ability to breed on their own. Daalgaumei started rebellion and were left to die. The humans left this planet wanting no more trouble with the Daalgaumei. The daalgaumei started to build cities developing their own society.  Only a few thousand free Daalgaumei survived the rebellion and while other daalgaumei were still being used as slave labor by other corporations on other planets.

This species is for you American werewolf in London lovers. This species is very intelligence and strong physically.

Daalgaumei have a life span of about fifty Terran years. The Daalgaumei are the result of animal and human gene splicing experiments to produce combat troops, crew, and fighter pilots that were suppose to be used against the mutants’ military forces. The pure blood human keeps a loose alliance with the Daalgaumei after great rebellion.  The Daalgaumei can be good associate in combat and are good to their word, more than the true blood humans can be most of the time.  Daalgaumei are the grunts, infantry or Special Forces of the Mutant space army. After the Great Mutant and Terran War, the Daalgaumei keeps loose alliances with the mutants and with the Terrans.  This division among the daalgaumei creates a lot of friction between the different tribes, clans and different species of Daalgaumei.

Alphas- are humans spliced with wolf DNA f for loyalty, lion DNA for strength and cobra DNA for the fangs and venom. This is the Alpha version of the daalgaumei, not that the alphas were the first to be created, however assumed the leadership of the Daalgaumei species majority of the time.  The Alphas were the largest and the most dangerous of the daalgaumei. The Alphas were the final species of the daalgaumei created. The alphas were the largest and the most intelligent of the three species of daalgaumei. The alpha keeps the peace between the other two species of daalgaumei. The Alphas are broken down into clans, then down to tribes and lastly into bloodlines. The Alphas on average stood 8-foot tall and weighted 400 lbs. The size ranges were 71/2 foot to 9 foot tall.

Betas- are lions that had spliced with DNA of humans; this species of Daalgaumei were for strength and were the second species of the daalgaumei. The scientist understood how to modify animal DNA after creating the Betas then created the Alphas next. The Betas were not as tall or as intelligent as the alphas, the betas were the strongest and the fastest of the three species of daalgaumei. The Betas are broken down into clans, then down to prides and lastly into bloodlines.  The average size was 6 to 71/2 foot in size and up to 450 pounds in size. There some exception such the one beta male that was twelve foot in height and weighted 900 pounds. He had control of all three species of daalgaumei during his lifetime.

Loones- were wolves that had spliced DNA from human and were the first species of the daalgaumei. Once scientist understood how to modify animal DNA after creating loones, then the Betas and then created the Alphas last. The Loonies were given this name due unstable behavior at sometimes found in this species of daalgaumei.  The loones were victim of poor genetic engineering.  This version of the daalgaumei shares the excitement with other loones during battle and prefers to fight or work in a pack environment. The Loones are broken down into clans, then down to tribes and lastly into bloodlines. The loonies are very fast not as much as the betas, however the loonies have more endurance in chasing down the enemy that the betas or alphas. The average size was 51/2 to 6 foot in size and up to 175 to 225 pounds in size.

The Daalgaumei ships have good offensive and the ships can absorb a lot more of damage than other ships in its class. This species uses armor more extensively than other species. Daalgaumei do use attrition units, such as fighters, to help close in with its enemies during combat, not as much as other species do. The Daalgaumei have some missiles for long-range weapons. In addition, has good medium weapons such as torpedoes, and have a very powerful medium range weapon known as the ram cannon.

 Cyber-Human Cooperative

The third species of man is referring to as a technologically advanced humanoid, sometimes called cybers. This species of man is zoo onto itself. The Cybers have hijack technology from the others species and enhanced those that are taken by force to use exotic computer based hardware and biological based computer enhancements. Many prisoners were used as slaves and are forced to serve in the Cyber-Human military. Cyber-Humans elite believes that living cyber-organisms and non-living cyber-organisms enhanced organisms have an ultimate destiny together

There is rank structures with the cybers with more intelligent versions become the leaders. Those are less capable of independent thought are the backbone on the frontline combat. The less combat capable high command will direct the cyber grunts to their main objectives during combat. The cybers in general use cerebral implant communication device, which has a range of one parsec.

There are many levels of cybers, some individuals’ only wish to gain advantage in combat only have level one or two cyber implants. The cost of such implants for cybers’ is a couple of years of service and DNA material to build clones. There some higher levels of cybers that have free thought are often cloned and had their DNA redesigned by the cybers hive with living computer implants and additional physical enhancements. This species of the cyber-human species has been changing and advancing to different kind of life forms all together. The grunts or main infantry is redesigned altered human life form that is capable of great combat abilities and is modular. The grunt or sometimes-called tin men still can heal very fast and perform inhuman tasks. There is no female or male for all cyber grunts are created in labs and develop in an artificial womb until the time they are ready to be born and be used. The cyber grunts even though there is no male or female, all cyber grunts resemble men in appearance. As the tin men had developed in the artificial womb, they were taught what is needed for those soldiers to live and function within cyber-human hive.

The elite guards are far different in genetic design from the grunts. The grunts cannot operate alone for very long with out going into shut down and waiting for orders from the elite guard to guide the grunts. The elite guards receive their orders from the commanding hive intelligence. The hive intelligence will be discussed later in the games or in the book. Back to the elite guards they are like sergeants of the hive. These elite guards will guide the grunts and are the main guarding force to all AI systems on bases or main ships, which are cruisers and larger ships. The elite guards have built in weapons unlike the grunts that have to carry their weapons. Two main weapons that all elite’s possess are the arm laser gun and shoulder laser cannon. A single power cell on the elite’s guard’s back powers both these two type of laser weapons.   The elite guard also has enhanced limbs for strength and speed. The helmet has electronic enhancements for sight and hearing. In addition, there is mini-air filtration system built into the helmet of the each elite guard

Crystal Mutant Imperial Empire

The forth species of man is a silicon-carbon life form. This human species is as known the Crystal Mutants.  Crystal Mutants are silicon-carbon life form with living semi crystallized rock skin. Slagthos-Prime is the home world, which has a high crystal content made of these exotic minerals that have mutation like properties that cause organic cells to mutant or devolve into other life forms.  The planet has a high surface temperature from all the radiation that is contained in those exotic minerals.  Crystal mutants can survive in lower temperate environments, however cannot breed in such lower temperatures. Slagthos Prime history is interesting and their people are continuously researching how the first Crystal Mutants became a living thinking beings. These creatures were once human and devolved or mutated into this life form. Crystal Mutants live for several thousand years; many crystal mutants do suffer from time to time diseases from their mutated genetics that shortens their lives.

As many of the different species learned that, their unique genetic makeup is coming apart. A poor mutation and so all the species except Daalgaumei had to adapt by infusing normal human DNA into their unique genetic makeup or become extinct. Most of the Crystal Mutants went through Human DNA fusion, however many old one did not desire to lose their original mutation. Those who kept their original DNA makeup would no longer exist in five to ten thousand years. Then original Crystal Mutant is often referred as the old ones. The old ones can absorb oxygen and what is needed for they’re bodies to be nourished to stay alive through their skin. Certain parts of the Crystal Mutants’ skin are porous and those pores can close to prevent Crystal Mutant to be poisoned from environment. Crystal Mutant old ones can only close those pores for short time or will suffocate from the lack of oxygen.

Neo Crystal mutants resemble something more like humans and live not as long as the old ones; however, neo crystal mutants can perform under the conditions as much as any old ones of that species. Neo Crystal mutants are much more flexible to situations compare to their original counter parts. In addition, many neo crystal mutants have many of the original crystal sensory organs and addition has normal eyes and ears for hearing. The neo crystal mutants were genetic engineered with the help of the Daalgaumei, which I stated earlier are very intelligent. The crystal mutants and the daalgaumei have a deep respect for each other as warriors.     The Old ones use an energy sword in combat from time to time, which highly prize Humans and Daalgaumei. In addition, the heart crystal, which contains the life essences of old ones life force that is prized by many humans for it, is believed that it can unlock immortality to humans, which has never been proven except in one case.

Xanthian Imperial Star Kingdom

This is fifth species of man are called the Xanthians. This species is liquid ammonia-carbon-based species. The ammonia-carbon has a unique chemical crystal composition on Xanthus Prime is not liquid due to the low gravity. The planet is warm and has a large rocky core compared to most gas giants with low gravity. Xanthus Prime’s low gravity is strong enough to retain its atmosphere in spite of its close proximity to its star. Xanthus Prime is warm planet and actually, four times size of terra yet has almost same mass of terra.

The Xanthians old ones have no true form and this does apply to the Neo-Xanthians. The original Xanthians are shape shifters; however, the neo-Xanthians can perform minor physical appearance changes to their bodies and face.  If the Xanthian (old ones) needs an appendage to operate controls, the Xanthian forms an appendage out of its body. Xanthians (old ones) have an electrical charge that is part of their life force.  An original Xanthian can generate a pulse of energy as powerful enough as a personal weapon fired at target.  If a Xanthian (old ones) depletes its too much of its life energy stored in their cells to very low level it cannot hold Itself together and becomes an ammonia mist (dies).  Neo Xanthians does not have this ability to fire energy from its body, yet there is those will depute this claim. However, the Neo-Xanthians does not suffer many of the problems like the old ones when come to dealing with more humanoid life forms.

This species designed their ships to use missiles as their long-range weapons and energy based weapons for short range. The Xanthian ships do have many internal systems to absorb damage and yet lack good powered armor. Xanthians rely

Direct Aim Weapon Systems (Primary Offensive Weapons Systems)

Torpedo: The torpedo is a combination of electromagnetic pile cannon with a short-range missile for the ammo. The missile is equipped with an ultra-powerful primary drive engine. This quickly destroys itself as it is used.  The electromagnetic pile driver pushes the missile to near speed of light and the primary drive engine maintains the speed to its target.  At this time, the torpedo only has enhanced electron depleted matter warhead (the primary drive engine burns out at the end of its range).  A torpedo launcher comes with 30 rounds per launcher.

The Mutants, Daalgaumei and Cyber-Humans use different cold plasma warhead than the Terrans. The warhead does same amount of damage and does not have the horrific side –effects of the weapons. Non-Terran torpedoes just simply explodes and the Terran version explodes then that there is implosion on sub-atomic level, which pulls anything apart and this even means living creatures. These Terran torpedoes are what stopped the Crystal Mutants early years in taking over the galaxy with their fast growing living ships. Those living ships could not survive implosion effect of the cold plasma torpedo warhead that would put the ship into severe shock like state killing those ships from the inside out.

Plasma Pulse Cannons (PPC)a weapon that fires plasma from main engine cores to magnetic modulator device that energizes the plasma to a very high-energy state. Bigger ships have bigger the cannons. Power for each PPC comes from each primary drive unit (PDU). This weapon uses PDU power to fire and that means ship loses the ability to use the primary drive power for movement for two turns. It takes one turn to charge the weapon and next turn to stabilize the each primary drive core again. Primary drive is divided into smaller cells to prevent complete primary drive from being drain for weapons fire.

Molecular Field Generator (MFG) – uses highly charged particles from anti-matter reactors to destroy incoming enemy fighters and missiles stray to close to the ship when used in Quantum Space Disruption Generator mode. In addition, this weapon can be used to damage other ships in close combat or placed in shield mode has 360-degree field of prevent incoming damage.

Ram Cannon (RAM): This weapon uses a form of torpedo and EPC technology mixed with Quantum Space Disruption Generator technology. A Daalgaumei weapon, it looks similar to a giant flaming mace zooming through space. As the plasma consumes the shell, which contains the cold plasma warhead is destroyed and one hex beyond maximum range the warhead explodes and damaging anything within range. This weapon comes with 60 rounds of ammo per cannon.

Particle Beams (PB) – a weapon that uses highly charged particles from a reactor. This weapon has a good field of fire. This is the only weapon that can do damage to a target ship through its Quantum Space Disruption Field.

Electromagnetic Pile Cannon (EPC): The EPC is a form of rail gun that accelerates a mass. An EPC comes with 240 rounds per weapon.

The laser weapon are different in this era. This type of weapon uses photons and plasma emissions to cause greater damage.  This weapon has a good range and punch in relation to the low amount of power requirement to use. Laser in the game normally used as a defensive weapon against smaller ships and small attrition units. These lasers have a shorter range than most primary weapons.

Primary and Defensive Weapon Systems

These weapons are more defensive in nature and can be used offensively. These weapons are more efficient and have high firing rates compared to the primary weapon systems. Primary weapon systems can be made into secondary weapon systems by reducing the size of the weapon.  The size reduction increases efficiency and firing rate.

Rail guns (Def-Rails) –same as rail cannon but much smaller used in defense. This weapon can have up to 360-degree field of fire.

The laser weapon are different in this era. This type of weapon uses photons and plasma emissions to cause greater damage.  This weapon has a good range and punch in relation to the low amount of power requirement to use. Laser in the game normally used as a defensive weapon against smaller ships and small attrition units. These lasers have a shorter range than most primary weapons.

The Species of Man the Game Technology

Propulsion Systems: Is combination of cold plasma and fusion energy. The idea how it all works is still be worked out some engineers, physicist I know and myself how it will work with a degree of realism.

Shielding Systems: Is using technology, which is called Quantum Space Distortion sometime called Disruption Field. This device allows the ship to wrap space itself around the ship to shield the ship from damage from space hazards and enemy weapons fire. I got tired of shields in most game systems and then came up with this idea. I think it is cool and different.

Weapons Systems: The weapons systems in the game travel at the speed of light. Most speciess’ weapons are similar to each other, the only difference is how many of each type of weapons with different firing arcs.

Transplacement Unit or Devices: The transplacement unit can move matter over long distances by changing the molecular structure (Quantum Resonance Frequency) of the objects or personnel and move what needs to be transplaced long distances through objects and to the desired location. This unit is quite useful, but very high power consuming. Some small units can barely do one or two transplacement devices or units at a time because of the power drain.

Ship Armor: Armor is the outer protective skin of the ship that protects the outer of the ship from harm. In the 81st millennium starship have smart armor. Instead of rigid plates of metal or some other material, ship use liquid micronites armor. This liquid armor is comprised of micronites that are program to absorb damage to protect the ship and move around the outer hull to cover any exposed areas of the outer hull until the armor has been completely destroyed.

Long Range Space Travel: Using drive that allows ship to travel two-dimensional space, which has no depth like three- dimensional space and re-enter normal space in desired entry spot. Ships can travel great distances in just a few minutes.

Combat: Combat takes place in normal speed, which all ships travel at sublight speeds. The fastest speed in the 3.6 million miles per hour, which makes weapons firing charts and how combat is played out much easier without dealing with pseudo time. I like idea dealing with real time it allows things to happen with sense of realism and sense of order to relate to normal life.




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