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Second Edition is complete, all the artwork, play testing new rules and improving the present rules. Better editing than the first edition. It will mailed to copyright office next week, which takes time to get the approval. The second edition helps make the Species of Man a better game and it has elements of strategic future game in it and role playing. Anyone who buys first edition game can purchase second edition rule book for very cheap price. For those who do not want to pay for the second edition rule book, those customers can purchase update rule supplement rule book which updates first edition to second edition minus all the new artwork. Soon I will be putting together ground combat and board party module. This module can play with any version of the game. There will be three rule books all together due to size of this module which will be divided into three parts or smaller modules. Boarding party and ship defense rule book with gaming maps. The second rule book covers planet assault with personnel weapons and tactics and gaming maps. Then third there will be vehicles, heavy transports and orbiting weapons with gaming maps. Each mini-module can be played with all the modules together for one large campaign. This took a lot of play testing to make this work and all I need to do now is created 150 to 200 artwork images for all three mini-modules. When completed and approved by copyright office. I will go to kick starter to fund the production this module. Players can get good deals on other versions of the game when this module will be presented on kick starter next year.
take care and thank for reading my web page.

Ray Sanner


Hello Everyone

Next-Realm is very laid back version to play tactical space combat game. Next-Realm Extended Play is the first expansion to the Next-Realm Module game series. This expansion allows gamers to play Next-Realm more like the original game with depth to the game, but  with the laid back way of playing the game. This expansion is paving the way for the Card and Dice game, also for strategic version of the game that will be released in the future some time.   Take care. Happy Hunting

Ray Sanner 4/23/2016


Hello everyone

I have been busy with the house and life. I like to let everyone know that Second Edition game has been sent to copyright office. The first expansion to Next-Realm module game has also been sent to the copyright office. This expansion allows more in depth play to the Next-Realm module game series. In addition the expansion is the jumping point for role-playing and strategic game. The card and dice version of the game will use Next-Realm for its rules and game play which far less complex than the original game. The original game is meant for gamers that like a lot depth and options in their game. The original game requires more thinking and creative ways to play it. Next-Realm can be very interesting game, however it is designed for players like a good game without all the depth to it. I am trying to adapt and design my game for all kinds of gamers and the gaming styles of playing.

I am in the process of developing boarding party and ground assault module game. This game can be played separate from space combat game except when players are actually performing combat with ships above the planet. This module allows planet bombardment with out ship combat if there are no enemy ships to oppose the invading forces. This module is going through more in depth development than the original, because this module will be needed for the role-playing game. Release date unknown, for I want this module to be the best game that money can buy and play. It will be presented on kick starter for financing and selling of the game. This module with the role-playing game will be the turning point of the company and will change board gaming world for period of time with new ideas, I hope. I am trying to raise the bar for excellence in board gaming. Thank you for reading this and take care.

Ray Sanner 5/19/2016


I just finished the counters layout and wow it will take 21 counter sheets at 280 counters per sheet for the total of 5880 counters to pull off this latest module. This module lays the foundation for the role-playing game. I want something different and new. The planet assault module actually been used privately with my play testers, however talking to retired military that game, to have something better and more exciting. A game or module that is truly different. There will be no other module like this or thinking to be like this. To play the planet bombard from space with starships, a player must buy the original game for that. There is a system that will coordinate all the battles in space, on the ground and interaction between the surface of the planet or moon and space. This module is big and it will be on kick starter after play testing is done and final editing then off to copy right office. Once the module is back from the copy right office then to kick starter. I am planning to make a video to advertise the game. Buy the original first edition game for keep sake and buy the second edition will be coming out this fall sometime to play. I have first edition games set to the side for myself to sell eBay once the book comes out. My friends are big book lovers and they will help me edit the book to make it the best and something new. I am now creating characters for the book now. The role-playing is next major module after planet assault game. I will give my book full attention after the card and dice game is for production and market.  Take care  and have fun.

Ray Sanner-Game Designer and Author of Species of Man.


I apologize for not keeping up with updates or anything on my web site, I am very busy around my house for everything is breaking at once and needs my attention. Also I trying to get 2 modules worked out during play testing, artwork and page layout for these 2 modules. Planet assault and Role-playing, both are requiring a lot of my time. These two modules with the second edition of the game will turn my company around for the better. I will not reprint first edition game and when its sold out that is it. So buy it now and only difference between the editions is the rule book. I will sell the rule book by itself only those who buy first edition game or of course with the second edition game. Take care


Ray Sanner 8/10/2016

I have most of the rules completed for the Steam Punk and Goth version of my game and I like it a lot. The original game is more for the pure science fiction person. This new version of the game is for the hard core steam punk and Goth fan. In month, I will start play testing it. This game opened a lot of problems for me to work out rules for certain battle situation and those problems got solved which will help me in the planet assault game. Take care

Ray Sanner 10/10/2016


I am still working on the Steam Punk and Goth version of the game and it is radically different from the original game. There many rules and ideas will not work with the original game and dome of these new ideas will. So once the Steam Punk and Goth game complete, play tested and edit. Then out to copy right office, then I will use what ever rules can be used for original game and created small rule book for advance rules to be supplement to second edition game coming out soon. The second edition is at copy right office awaiting for approval. Most of the material in second edition has already been copy righted, the source are from the expansion games and some added rules and much needed editing was performed. I have taken classes on how to editing written material better and commercial art classes to improve my artwork. Take care and have a good day


Ray Sanner 2/7/2017


I apologize  about not keeping up with my web page, for there is so much going on right now behind the scenes of Species of Man the game. Steam Punk game is ready, however needs to be play tested. The Boarding Party and Special Mission is becoming something I never did before. There might be games that look like it, I do not know I have not played any up to date space games with the different expansions and modules that those games. I do not want any influence of any other game in mine and also to avoid copyright issues. My friends are helping me by informing me what needs to be in this new module. I have not seen any play sheets or rule books from any other gaming system. I am not a fan of role playing which will work in my favor for now because there will not be any influence from any role playing game in my gaming system. The current module I am working on will be the back bone of the role playing game for game play, but not for character back ground. The role playing game will go deep into history and character building for role playing game. The game will be source for the book and I do not want any conflicts between the game and the book. The book will support the game and will be designed also for a movie. I going back to reboot the company and it will take many months for all the changes to my web site take place for I work 8 hour job with overtime and many times I have to work the weekends. I am also taking classes from friends how to improve my editing and writing skills, how to improve my artwork and how to improve my videos. I am very busy and I am looking forward in supporting many good charities and making a living from the game which will allow me to do more and better job improving the Species of Man  the Game Universe. Thank you for reading my web page and new things will be posted much more frequent now than the past. Looking forward to seeing you as customer, friend and follow gamer in the Species of Man the Game Universe with great ideas how to make it all more enjoyable and fun for us all. Take care



Currently the website is going through changes as well as the company. I call this the reboot of the company, recreating the company into something far better and the game also. May new changes coming soon.




The Differences in Artwork from Species of Man First Edition to Second Edition All grey scale or ink and pen been removed except no copy samurai. Still working and learning to make it far better.

The examples of new changes are below.






Hello everyone

I got side tracked with advance rules for second edition and stopped working personal combat game. I want to build firm foundation with original game and many gamers sent me what they think was needed in the original game and many of the ideas are great and I agree with those gamers. So pushed aside personal combat module to advance the original game to a much better game for to enjoy. The advance rules will be almost same size in pages as second edition game is. The second edition game double in size when came to rules and some things got missed with all the changes. Advance rules will cover missed rules from edition one to second edition, gaps in rules, new rules and better explanation of the rules.  My skills of editing keep improving and the artwork of the ships is beginning to change. The advance rules launches better artwork of the species’ ships with some better designs how the ships needed to look. Take care and happy hunting.

Ray Sanner 11/20/2017

Hello Everyone

I am still working on advance rules, the advance rules has gain a lot of help from other gamers who bought the game and give their valuable input, all of the input was good. Many ideas sent to me were good and some ideas will never work with this gaming system because some of my close friends saw some of these ideas were taken from other gaming systems. I have friends who play all kinds of gaming systems and I let them look at new rule and ideas proposals to prevent copy right infringement and prevent me being sued. Actually many of the new ideas were general ideas and I had to create the rules for the ideas how to make the game better. This advance rule expansion will almost be as large as second edition game. Second Edition game is much bigger in content in new rules, breaking down rules for all to understand, more species background information and better artwork. I am being trained by some professionals in editing, marketing and artwork, so I can make this game better and something new to gaming universe. I am still looking for a partner, I have certain qualities and values that I am looking for in that person to make the game and company better. The person needs to be very good artist and local where that person lives so I can review in person on new artwork and rules. The person gets paid when I do, I not paying some one salary up front, that is employee, not partner. I will pay for good artwork within reasonable price on artwork that pertains to the game. Take care every one and enjoy your holidays ( Christmas and New Year).

Ray Sanner 12/4/2017