About The Company

Wsalem Weapons Bureau LLC- is a company that sells and designs its own gaming system. The only gaming system at this time for purchase is Species of Man which is tactical space combat board game. There will be cups, t-shirts, posters and many other things will be for sell once the game has a big enough customer base. There miniatures in the works which again depends on sales. If there is large enough of customer base I would support down loads for 3D printing of miniatures. I do not have any miniatures designed yet because of the art changes taking place with the game now.  Many of the expansions of the game are finished. There many more expansions in the works and more modules. There will be videos posted to inform the public about the game and mission of the company.

The first mission of this company is to put out the best game that a player can buy. To avoid any recycling old ideas from any media sources or other gaming systems.  To have something that is fresh and brand new.

Second mission of this company is to build community with gaming players.  There will be no video games developed by this company. Wsalem Weapons Bureau LLC believes the video games have great graphics and sound, but lack true community among their players. Video games have their place, but not with this company. This company thinks it’s important for players to have normal conversation among each other about the game face to face. Also how each player can be of help to their fellow players with life situations in anyway? Maybe players can unite and perform some community services to help those around them. This also promotes good emotional state many people desperately need today, self-worth and doing something good for others around them.

Third mission of this company is to help others when and if profits are available that can provide to help organizations, charities.  Also to help people in the community where this company is located as well.  Also this company is to create awareness of our fellow human in their condition and needs.

On my web site there some links there, I think are very important to us as a people concerned about others. Two links are just there for general information. Take care, thank you for your time to read this website and I hope to hear from you soon.

This product is printed in America and most of the printed material comes from my home state, Ohio.

Ray Sanner

There will no movie planned until after the book is done. If anyone from Hollywood reads this and let them know if movie is made I want it based on my book and not what someone rewrite from page or two I wrote on this web site. I understand movie are based on a book and need to be edited for a movie format, because of time constraints. Take care

Ray Sanner 5/3/2015