Hello my name is Ray Sanner. I am owner Wsalem Weapons Bureau and author of Species of Man .  I have nothing to do with 26 years old person in prison with same name as me. I have German , British and some other roots I am not sure about.  I made that statement when I did a web search for my name to see what comes up.  I do not know that person and it is sad on some of the choices people do make in life. I hope that person learns from his mistakes. I have gone to the other Ray Sanner page and I noticed that he is trying to better himself, good for him. I guess he was young and around not the best of friends. That is good this other Ray Sanner who has the same name is turning his life around.

I was born and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I served in the US Marines between 1977 to 1981. I worked many jobs trying to find a better job that I would to stay with. I worked at Royal Business Machines between 1983 to 1986 . The company became Konica Business Machines  when I left it for another job. The place I worked between 1986 to 1990 was Joseph & Feiss was bought out by Hugo Boss and the changes that took place I left that job. I worked in construction working with pouring concrete and water-proofing foundations between 1990 to 1993. Then I worked at Feralloy as a assistant operator. Feralloy slit steel coils and packaged, also stored steel. I worked there between 1993 to 2006 when company was bought and I was without a job. I got hired in 2007 and worked at Wellman Products and it was bought out by Carlisle Brake and Friction, best part I still have a job. I work in the Quality Department as Quality inspector. I inspected a lot of the receiving material that is shipped to us by suppliers. I like my job which can be demanding at times. I have good supervisor Mark. That all I have to say for now take care and thank you for reading my bio.



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